WWA Report on the Status of Women in Westchester

In 2016 the Westchester Women’s Agenda (WWA) published their extremely comprehensive Report on the Status of Women in Westchester, co-sponsored by Eileen Fisher, providing an amazing fact-based perspective on the lives of women in Westchester. In a statement on their website the WWA says that this report . . .

paints a portrait of women squeezed by the high cost of child care, a growing elderly population which strains their resources, and wage disparities which– despite the higher educational levels of women– continue to favor men.   These trends negatively impact the ability of women to remain in the work force and contribute to the productivity and well-being of Westchester County.


The report details many issues that women in Westchester are facing today, such as increases in poverty, pay inequalities between men and women, the status of health among women, and the high costs of housing and childcare. The report also recommends a number of action plans for dealing with the issues it covers. WWA also brings the statistics to life through the inspiring personal stories of two Westchester residents.

The following are some statistics taken from the report. You can read the whole thing here, and I highly recommend giving it a look.