Urgent: We need to tell our Senators that we #StandwithPP!

Remember back in 2011, when anti-woman, anti-reproductive health extremists tried to shut down federal funding of Planned Parenthood? Good news – they failed, thanks to women’s rights supporters on Capitol Hill and thousands of NOW activists like you.

Bad news – the anti-woman extremists are back, along with their attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. In fact, the Senate is expected to vote sometime over the next few days on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. We need you to join us in telling your Senators to vote NO.

Tell your Senators to Stand With Planned Parenthood and vote against defunding!

Planned Parenthood has a long, proud record of providing excellent reproductive health services to women, men, and teens. It’s estimated that one in five U.S. women have used Planned Parenthood’s services over its 99-year history. No wonder the organization is overwhelmingly trusted by voters across the entire political and demographic spectrum.

Politicians who attack Planned Parenthood will pay a political price. Tell your Senators you’ll be watching their vote on this legislation!

Make no mistake — defunding Planned Parenthood would deny millions of women, men and young people from receiving necessary reproductive health care. Email both of your Senators today to let them know this is unacceptable.

Our ally Planned Parenthood needs support now more than ever. Please email both of your Senators right now!

Click here to read the fact sheet on the de-funding legislation.